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When the fear of missing out is REAL! #FOGO got me!

renee saliba @ 2021-04-30 17:19:04 +0100

Advice from Ya Big Sis, FOMO is OK...

Here at Lethally Her, we aim to inspire creative women to be their strong independent selves. We want our gyals to know their self-worth and say hell nah to hustle culture and say HELL YEH to self-development. 

We are advocates for ✨Hot Girl Summer✨ - for the women who want to go out and have a f**ckin’ good time! 

On the flip side, we are also here to support those in our community who aren’t ready for that change (just yet)! To reach out to those gyals who are still strugglin’ to get outta the house, and would rather stay at home with a takeaway and binge-watch Sex and the City, than come to face with their social anxiety after a year inside.  

Social anxiety is NORMAL.

 Sis, read that again! 

Babe, we are living through a global pandemic, do you know how crazy that is? The effects of COVID have turned the world upside down, flipped it around, and vomited it right up. It has affected EVERYTHING we once knew as ‘normal’. So of course, it was going to affect our mental health! TBH it would be weird if it hadn’t!

For many people, including myself this coming out of lockdown is shit scary. I think it’s a mixture of ‘I hate change’, ‘Is this really the end of lockdown? (This is our third now, like???)’, ‘Am I safe’, ‘I’ve been stuck inside for a year, and I lowkey love spending all day in my PJ’s!’ 

But I’ve come to accept that it’s OK to be worried/stressed/close to crying - these are all normal reactions to constant change! Don’t punish yourself for feeling this way, cuz’ trust me, you’re not alone! 


  • Please don’t feel like you're alone in that grey bubble of anxiety. Have a heart to heart with one of ur GFs and tell them how you're feeling (Chances are they’ll be feeling exactly the same!)

  • Please don’t feel guilty for declining social events, cancelling plans or staying indoors if that’s where you feel most safe RN. DO not feel forced to go out if you don’t want to. Your life is your own timeline, no one else’s.

  • Please don’t judge your reaction to the easing of restrictions with others around you. You don’t need to compete with other people’s lives or compare yourself to what you see on Insta. It is ok to turn down a motive and head to the comfort of your bed instead. 

  • Please DO keep doing the things that you love, which have guided you through multiple lockdowns and have sculpted you into who you are now. Keep going for walks, committing to your daily self-care, or working on that hobby you learnt to love, during the last 12 months. 

If you’ve been hit with a fat dose of social anxiety, but still wanna go out and get ya life back, see your gals in the park, have a glass of wine, and have a good time. Remember to take 5 deep belly breaths, drink a glass of water to calm yourself down, take shit slow, wear ya mask and take your hand sanitiser, and prove to yourself that you’re bigger than any negative thoughts.

Lastly, always remember our DM’s are open if you need extra support, a shoulder to cry on (virtually), someone to hype you the F up, or give you some Big Sis Advice. We got you, girl. Always x


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