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Three Tips To Conquer A Trade Show as a small biz

This is your sign to get out there and do it!

2021 has been a year of stepping out of our comfort zone and taking some REAL risks to help Lethally Her mature from a confused teenager to a confident woman. 

We decided to take the leap and attend our first trade show, with a stall we designed AND BUILT ourselves (it may, or may not have taken 3 days and 3 emotional breakdowns!). But GOD, it was worth it. 

Not to toot our own horns, but we really did smash it. If you own a small business and what to take the next step to scaling your brand, 

Here are our 3 TOP TIPS to conquering your first trade show:

  1. Do Something Different

No shade, but everybody there looked the same. We were honestly the only ones that looked like us, that talked like us, that had energy like us. This isn’t supposed to come across big headed, but we think that knowing who you are and what you stand for and how that translates into every aspect of your business is absolute gold!

  1. Grab People's Attention! 

These types of events can be nerve wracking, you’re talking to strangers and you only have a couple of seconds to really make them stop and pay attention. Have something that feels on brand but also loosens up the moment and invites people into your world. 

We had a basketball hoop and anyone who scored received a free LH notebook - be creative ladies!

  1. Branding Is EVERYTHING!

This is your shot to make a lasting impression. You want them to remember you when they get home, be the brand they talk about to their contacts. So, be brave and dare to do the things that shake up the status quo. 

We had our logo looking lit (literally) as a neon sign in bright red, we both matched our clothing to our store, our wallpaper was our signature print repeat. EVERYTHING was Lethally Her! We even had planned to have water that said “stay thirsty” and cupcakes that said “bite me”, but the b*tches banned us from bringing food and drink into the venue.

Our aim was to be so unapologetically us that people had no option but to stop and pay attention to what we were sharing. And baby, it worked. 

What we will say is, TRUST YOUR GUT! There is no one that has your back more than you do (and us ofc!), but honestly take the leap, invest in yourself and do something a little scary this week because you and whatever you’re trying to achieve deserves it!