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How to navigate LinkedIn as a creative Bad B!

Finding the positives hidden between MLMs, creative CVS and glorification of toxic working habits.


As creatives, we generally invest our time into building up a following on Instagram, spending hours planning social strategies and curating a perfectly ~aesthetic~ feed. Whether we want to admit it or not, Instagram is one big popularity contest, and we're all tryna’ sit with the popular kids.

In some ways, using an image-based platform seems like the logical choice for those in the industries to network and build credibility, but we must question whether the gratification from Insta likes and followers has blinded us from the potential of LinkedIn, or have we just internalised the self-deprecating thought that we are not professionals? (Which is bullshit FYI!)

TBH it's unsurprising that we lack interest in the platform when a relaxed scroll whilst drinking our morning oat latte is bombarded by; a sea of repetitive pink fluffy creative CVs, 9,000 messages from #girlboss MLMs and stuffy corporate men boasting about working five jobs and never taking a minutes rest.

But despite all of LinkedIn's flaws, it also has its turn-ons (just like every relationship you've ever been in!) and we have a few notes to help you navigate the platform as a creative bad b*tch!



We could go on and on about the importance of a cohesive online presence but it is CRUCIAL, in the corporate jungle that is LinkedIn, to make sure you show your personality. YOU are your brand, and that should not be forgotten whilst searching for your ideal clients. Here are a few ways in which you can fully optimise your profile to show how much of a talented, creative baddie you are!

  • Be sure to include a profile picture that shows off your uniqueness – do not try to conform with societies ideas of professionalism if it means you will lose what makes you special.
  • Attach images EVERYWHERE! There are plenty of places within your profile that you can add pics and vids, to make it a Lil more interactive and give your work the presentation it deserves.
  • Make the most of your banner; use this space as a mini business card or portfolio.




If you’re the type of person who feels anxious posting a selfie vid on your stories and hates the fact you gotta’ show your face in order to build connections on Insta – LinkedIn takes it one step further and TBH we’re not into it.

Viral posts on LinkedIn seem to require you to tell the entire industry about your childhood, every issue you’ve ever encountered and share stories about that ONE time someone said you couldn’t do it. An hour on there sometimes feels like that final episode of Drag Race where Ru is desperate to hear about the queen’s trauma (lmao!)

But there are ways to write posts, that benefit you as a creative whilst not compromising every bit of your dignity in the meantime.

  • Share goals you have smashed, and milestones you have reached – alongside some of your INSANE work, which will get you noticed (and hopefully hundreds of new clients).
  • Use the platform in the same way you use Instagram – as an online portfolio. The algorithm on LinkedIn isn’t fucked like Instagram, so the reach (and chances you have of going ~viral~) are much higher!
  • If you’re going to post, make sure it’s valuable. Using the same rules as we use for planning content on Instagram – whatever it is you’re sharing needs to provide value to those following you or is going to make you some ca$h money.



The number one way to build credibility, no matter what it is you do, is through recommendations. As we all know, when you’re trying to get new clients, being humble about the quality of your work or services isn’t the way to go. So if you think you’ve absolutely smashed a recent job, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

It is a super easy process, and your review will be available for all to see when they check out ya profile.


We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Instagram (even though she’s so hard to please ATM), but it important to make sure we’re showing up in as many places as we can. Get ya name out there, shout & scream about your work, and remember CREATIVE JOBS ARE PROFESSIONAL JOBS!



Lethally Her – LinkedIn Edition is coming soon; so we better see you over there gyal!


[Image: @a_germannn]