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9 reasons why up-skilling is the key to success


‘’We live in a world where everything are changing constantly, where new practices are as important as new technologies and no doubt, they are being developed. But what should be done to be able to keep up and pivot quickly? Of course! Up-skilling.’’

But another question arouses; Is up-skilling the only need to become successful?

The answer to this question is very simple. Personal and career success is ultimately attained not only by what you receive from college or university but from Self education there after. Below are the 10 reasons why it is so important for women to continue to up-skill and self-educate past college or university:

  1. A drive to keep learning should come hand in hand with the pursuit of our dream profession or achieving those personal goals. This is the way to fuel a good life both personally and professionally. The journey doesn’t end here.

  2. The world needs to see more women in high positions within every work place, pursuing in the development of what we have to offer will continue to spread the news that our contributions are irrefutable.

  3. A lot of people are stuck in the thought patterns that to learn something new you need to depend on someone else who can educate you on it, even though you are perfectly capable of finding the information for yourself. There are many case studies proving that not only is it possible to self-educate at difficult tasks but it is possible to also ace them.

  4. Up-skilling is more than learning a new skill, YOU EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! Not just in the possibility of adding additional revenue streams to our income but also in the value we see in ourselves.

  5. Further learning is definitely a method of giving ourselves much greater autonomy within our everyday life! This would help to enable much more certainty over the sorts of lives we decide to lead. In this way, we would be able to live healthier, happier, and more independent lives. Reason enough for seeking continued self-education and up-skilling.

  1. Our reality is different now than it was only a few years prior. We understand that we are the creators of our universe and with this our willingness to be proactive learners should increase. Staying informed about new trends and keeping ourselves up to date is part of the job.

  2. As women, we must be prepared to face the challenges of the present and the future. Continued learning and self-education are the basic tools for us to boost how we see ourselves and ultimately our confidence.

  3. Up-skilling and self-education bring new opportunities with included advantages. It opens up opportunities in expanding career paths, experiences and monetary gain.

  4. It is important for people to not get left behind in a world that is rapidly changing. Enhancing our skills clears the path for moving forward not just professionally but personally too. This way, we can see the true potential in ourselves and this can motivate us to do even better.

Taking the future into our own hands is the best way of controlling our destiny and broadening the horizons on our personal and career growth. All you need are a few resources or online support that can guide you to DO THE BEST YOU CAN! Lethally Her is a platform dedicated to providing resources that aim to motivate, support, and help female creators and artists to achieve their highest levels of badassery. Always focusing to uplift our community to achieve their desired goals!