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File Ya Taxes Starter Pack File Ya Taxes Starter Pack

File Ya Taxes Starter Pack


What's that one thing everyone hates about being self-employed or a small biz owner?? FILING YA TAXES!!

Well, don't worry if not because we have a File Ya Taxes With Us starter pack. We've found the most profesh but still soo much fun tax accountant to take us through how to file our taxes. Rachel from @accountant_she and Renee the founder of Lethally Her are the hosts of this vid content!

Rachel Martin is a TEDx speaker, an author, a business owner but most importantly she is.. an accountant! She is a qualified accountant and owner of a thriving accountancy practice which is a female-led accountancy firm.

What you'll find in this downloadable digital FREE product:

  • 1.5 hour-long event video which takes you through tax planning

  • Q&A with LH community members asking for REAL-TIME problem solving

  • PDF checklist to help you get started